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Lingua Inc is not just any other translation & interpretation agency, we go beyond expectations by utilizing all our Zimbabwean and global resources, using the best globalization strategy for your specific needs. We communicate and we work as a team. We get involved in your language needs and we help you carry it out from beginning to end

Document & Certified Translations

Lingua Inc is a team of Translation & Interpretation Professionals, we are an excellent translation service provider. We connect people, brands, corporations with customers where language might be a barrier to them, but to us, it is what we do. We translate Corporate Documents, Technical Manuals, Legal Contracts, Agreements, Financial Documents, Medical Documents, Brochures, Marketing Materials, etc. Plus, we’re nice

Lingua Inc translates and certifies documents that have to be presented to official authorities or court for legal purposes. Documents translated by Lingua Inc are legalized and notarized. We follow certification standards for legal certified translation and guarantee the utmost accuracy. In addition, Lingua Inc uses a number of techniques to diminish the possibility of fraud. Any government or academic organization within Zimbabwe and overseas will accept our legal certified translations as valid. Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by Government Departments, Embassies, Universities, Schools and Courts.

Subtitles & Website Translation, Voice Overs

This is the 21st Century and the web is one of the most important tools to break the barriers in the global market, a tool that allows us to connect and to grow globally. Lingua Inc website translation and localization services ensures that relevant message gets across cultures under tight deadlines, offering a range of services to fit your needs, including traditional translation, SEO web translation, global campaign management. We can help you maximize the impact of your global web presence while enhancing your multilingual SEO, your global visibility.. Be it a movie, a song or any visual we will add the right subtitles in sync.

At Lingua Inc we provide a variety of video translation and transcription services. If you have an existing video we can add closed captioned text or dubbed, lip-synced voice overs. Alternatively we can help you to create new videos in multiple languages. Voice Over Services / Narration. Depending on the message you are wanting to convey, strategically we can help you decide if you want a male or female voice and consider their accent and vocal tone. For example: if your audience is in Spain, we will make sure that a “Spain” Spanish dialect is used; or if your clientele is in Singapore, then a Mandarin Chinese voice artist will be used. This voice recording will need to be consistent and properly timed with the visual content that your audience will see. The voice will also need to be appropriate for the message that you want to convey.

Multilingual Event Management, Simultaneous Translation Equipment & Interpreters

Whether it is for an international conference, concert, new product launch or festival providing accurate and effective communication across multiple languages is a major challenge that we are well equipped to meet..We provide guides, interpreters for VIPs and for any occasion

We provide state of the art simultaneous translation equipment

Bilingual Investment Consultancy

Do you wish to invest in Zimbabwe but language barrier holds you back? Worry no more!! Lingua Inc has a team of specialist to assist you in all relevant document legislation translation and inquiries. We will assign to you a linguist who is knowledgeable in the sector you choose to invest in. As it is our goal to ease your procedures, this linguist will be proficient and fluent in your language and will either aid you virtually from where you are or in person in all the necessary steps to be taken and in each case translating all the relevant documents to your language

There are many sectors you may chose to Invest in here in Zimbabwe, these include: Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Financial Services, Healthcare. As Zimbabwe is officially an English speaking country, our specialists who speak your language will assist you in dealing with translation issues in the fields like • Immigration and Entrance Permits • Establishing a Business in Zimbabwe • Financing a Business • Cost of Doing Business in Zimbabwe • Taxes • Incentives • Employees and Social Security • Special Economic Zones • Infrastructure and Logistics • Macroeconomic Indicator • Foreign Trade • Investment Legislation

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