Looking for a maid, gardener, contract worker, or a permanent staff member for your organisation who speaks English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian? Well, Lingua Inc is not just any other translation & interpretation agency, we go beyond expectations by utilizing all our Zimbabwean and global resources. Lingua has just the right solution and service for you.

Multi Lingual Contract Worker Placements

Lingua realises the key to our growth and success and total customer satisfaction is consistency. Being consistent in delivering a quality product that ultimately rests with the men and women who are in your facility each day performing the actual work at your organisation. But the key is communication, in a language that you understand. We provide and vet our employees with the training, proper equipment and supplies they need to perform their duties in the most proficient manner possible and above all using the right language literally. This also means treating those employees with respect and appreciation. By creating a positive work environment, our employees are naturally more inclined to perform at peak levels. Our success is not solely defined by a set of numbers each month, but rather by how satisfied both our employees and customers are. We believe there is a direct correlation between the two and as a result, everyday decisions are based on achieving high marks in both areas. This service is proudly offered in partnership with our sister company, Zimaids.

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