Interpreters/Translators for the Tourism and Travel Industry in Zimbabwe

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November 6, 2017
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Interpreters/Translators for the Tourism and Travel Industry in Zimbabwe

Interpreters/Translation for the Tourism and Travel Industry in Zimbabwe

For the Zimbabwean market, we offer: innovative specialist language translation and interpretation services for the tourism sector.

Whether it’s for business or leisure, Lingua Inc makes tourists’ visits enjoyable. Interpretation and translation services elevate a brand’s service offering by giving visitors an added incentive to return for a future stay.

We have the language tools and human resources needed for both, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

The following packages are targeted towards, Tourism Players/Service Providers, Tourists and Corporates & Business Tourists.

Tourism Service Providers Package.

With tourism players looking to attract ever more international clients, the keys to their success lie not only in the quality of their destinations and offers. They also need to make their site, premises, staff and promotional materials visible to foreign customers, while developing attractive content that showcases their offers and generates sales. To do that, they need to develop a multilingual website and localize all their content, train staff to have a basic understanding of foreign languages, localise there promotional materials and have guides who can assist clients in a language they can understand.

Translation services in Zimbabwe

Translation services in Zimbabwe by Lingua for the Tourism Sector

Lingua Inc has been working with the leading players in international tourism for years. We translate and localize all kinds of tourism content for web and print media, including content on tourist destinations (countries, cities, hotels, restaurants, etc.), tour offers, travel guides and newsletters. Our expert tourism translators will translate all your content, providing you with high-quality translations that showcase your offers and optimize your search-engine visibility.

Whether you are a hotel, an airline or a holiday guide, we can translate catalogs, brochures, travel guides, menus and promotional material.

For a flat fee of US$6999 ( 10 Paged Website (check a translated website here), 5 languages, 10 Staff member intensive French course, brochure translation , 10 pages, tour guide interpretation , 10 days). We offer the following services whose normal pricing is shown in the table below:


Service Description Pricing (US$)
Website Localisation per language 200/page
Brochure, Printed Material Localisation per language 75/page
Staff Training (2 weeks intensive language course) 400/staff
Tour guide interpreter   100/hour
Tour guide interpreter 400/day




As a translation agency, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the travel sector and travellers. Our translators are all qualified professionals with experience translating tourism focused terminology and can hit the ground running and help tourists get the best from their visit to Zimbabwe.

What we are offering is simple. A guide. Not just any guide but one who understands the local language and also one who understands your native language.

With no hidden cost, we provide translators and interpreters from $100/hour or why not have our linguists for the whole for just $400/day.


Business Travellers/ Corporates

Do you wish to invest in Zimbabwe but language barrier holds you back? Worry no more!! Lingua Inc has a team of specialist to assist you in all relevant document legislation translation, inquiries and interpretation. We will assign to you a linguist who is knowledgeable in the sector you choose to invest in. As it is our goal to ease your procedures, this linguist will be proficient and fluent in your language and will either aid you virtually from where you are or in person in all the necessary steps to be taken and in each case translating all the relevant documents to your language

There are many sectors you may choose to Invest in Zimbabwe. These include: Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Financial Services, Healthcare. As Zimbabwe is officially an English speaking country, our specialists who speak your language will assist you in dealing with translation issues in the fields like • Immigration and Entrance Permits • Establishing a Business in Zimbabwe • Financing a Business • Cost of Doing Business in Zimbabwe • Taxes • Incentives • Employees and Social Security • Special Economic Zones • Infrastructure and Logistics • Macroeconomic Indicator • Foreign Trade • Investment Legislation

Please get in touch to get a detailed quotation.



  1. I am doing African languages and culture at Midlands state level 2.2. I wish to apply for level 3.1 as an attachee for next year pliz help

  2. Taylor says:

    L wish to be a German translator can you help

  3. Taylor says:

    My name is taylor am a young man agef 21 l wish to be a German interpreta \translator in Victoria fall s may you help am looking for teacher whatsapp 0773432065_l also wish to know statistically number of Germany tourist who need interpret

  4. Floyd Tafadzwa Mubaiwa says:

    I am doing translation and interpretation studies majoring in CHINESE \Mandarin currently in level 2.2 at UZ ..I wish to be an attache at your company

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